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terre à terres

We have always proudly represented a modern, multicultural Switzerland, open to the world while attached to its roots. The album Terre à terre embodies these values, in its name as well as its music (in French this translates as “from the earth to the land”, but it’s a phrase that also means “down to earth”). From one earth to many different lands … it’s an invitation to respect our shared planet and everyone who lives on it.

The new album is available from 5 January 2018 at Fnac, Manor, good record shops and online outlets and

You can find it on your favorites music apps !



didgeridoo, alphorn, cowbells, bowl, harmony vocals


violin, singing saw, bass guitar


hang, keyboards, electronica, djembé


bass guitar, guitar, ukelele, double bass, voice, yodel and lead vocal


Voice, yodel, vocals, accordion and cowbells


Drums, djembé


Sunday 17 june 2018
Fête de la musique
Bulle – 19h00


Sunday 24 june 2018
Lenzburg (Argovie), Metzgplatz – 19h30


Saturday 28 july 2018
Festival Musique Montagne
Les Diablerets – 20h00


Tuesday 31 july 2018
Morlon Beach
Morlon – 20h00


Sunday 16 septembre 2018
Paillote Festival
Parc de l'Indépendance - Morges – 17h

Other dates to follow.

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